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Too scared

The moment I wake up, I’m sick with fear.  I can’t function in this world.  There is no place for me, no space, no use.

No one wants me.  Everyone tells me,

“Be someone else, not who you are.  You’re a brand, a commodity, an object in the market place.”

I don’t want to be.  I want to be me.  Well, I don’t… I hate myself.  I hate my situation, I hate my life, my failure, my 24/7 pain.

But I want to be allowed to be me, not forced to contort and distort myself into something someone can find a use for, a servant, a tool, something to be used to make someone else more money.

We used not to be brands.  We used to be human beings.

I want to kill myself, but I’m too scared.  How pathetic is that?

Panic Attack

Here inside, where nobody can see

Fears you hide, well they’re coming to get you

Look around, but there’s no one to help

All on your own oh, oh


Oh, oh


Feeling scared, so go out into town

With your friends, but they don’t really get you

How can they, when you don’t tell the truth?

Lie through your teeth oh, oh


Oh, oh


Come back home and collapse on your bed

Decide to hide, ’til your friends all forget you

Stay inside, just go out of your head

Slipping away, oh oh


Oh, oh